ChE Alum Aaron Lamoureux Published in Nature Communications

Aaron Lamoureux graduated from Northeastern University in 2012 with a BS in Chemical Engineering and minor in Physics. He was also an active member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and captain of the Northeastern ChemE-Car team.

Lamoureux is currently attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, where he is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in the Shtein Lab in the Materials Science and Engineering department. Lamoureux’s research focuses on understanding dynamic three-dimensional design principles to develop novel mechanical and optoelectronic systems with increased performance, decreased fabrication costs, and greater economic value.

In a recently published paper in Nature Communications, Lamoureux outlines a novel solar tracker based on ancient origami and kirigami design principles, whereby a simple cut pattern is used to control the angle of the solar cells as a function of strain. The angle of tilt of each element is integral to the device at the substrate level, which significantly reduces weight and eliminates the need for the support structures and complex control systems typically found in conventional trackers. Going forward, Lamoureux anticipates similar design philosophies may be used to inspire a broader range of applications, including phased array radar and optical beam steering.


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