CHN Awarded Patent for SWCNT Chemical Sensor

MIE Professor Ahmed Busnaina, Associate Professor Yung Joon Jung, & Siva Somu awarded a patent for a “Chemical sensor based on highly organized single walled carbon nanotube networks”.

Abstract Source: USPTO

A carbon nanotube-based micron scale chemical sensor or sensor array is provided that enables the remote detection of hydrogen sulfide and other chemicals in a gas stream. The sensor is suitable for use in harsh environments of high temperature and pressure such as those encountered during petrochemical exploration and recovery. Multiplex sensor devices detect two or more chemical agents simultaneously, or they can detect conditions such as pressure, salinity, humidity, pH, or scale-forming ions. Incorporation of read out electronics and an RF signal generator into the sensor device enables it to communicate to a relay station or receiver for 3D mapping or other analysis. Methods are also provided for fabricating the chemical sensor device and using the device for detection.

Related Faculty: Ahmed Busnaina, Yung Joon Jung, Sivasubramanian Somu

Related Departments:Mechanical & Industrial Engineering