Coding the Foundation of a Software Engineering Career

Sagar Reddy, MSIS’24, joined Northeastern University in fall 2022. He was attracted to the MS in Information Systems program due to its flexible course offerings that matched his interests and his previous professional experience in building and launching products. Since joining the university, Reddy has hit the ground running, participating in hackathons, traveling to Dubai to present his team’s achievements, and excelling in his coursework.

Reddy, alongside his mentor, has worked to create a personalized AI assistant tool that caters to an individual’s needs called FYLI. The goal was to create an intelligent and adaptable assistant that could provide tailored support to users based on their unique requirements. Through this project, they aimed to leverage the power of AI to enhance people’s lives and help them achieve their goals more efficiently.

FYLI is an innovative application designed to serve as a personalized chat assistant, where users can bring their data and create a chat. The platform allows for easy querying of personal data, generating human-like responses for a seamless and intuitive user experience. In addition to personal data, users can also create chats for YouTube videos and various other data sources available in the Northeastern library. Furthermore, Reddy and his mentor are actively working on a video chat feature that enables users to chat with AI-produced avatars of famous personalities, such as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. Overall, FYLI serves as an intelligent and adaptable tool that leverages AI to help users achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.

Reddy is also currently working on a project called Groot Club, which is a metaverse designed to resemble the real-world Northeastern University. Groot Club provides a platform for users to connect with one another, engage in conversations, create events, and share knowledge. “The more you share, the better the game gets,” says Reddy. Every object within Groot Club represents an NFT, allowing users to collect, trade, and own unique assets that no one else has. One of the unique features of Groot Club is that it rewards users for sharing knowledge, thereby creating a more interactive and engaging experience. Additionally, the platform incorporates AI bots that keep the conversations going even when users are not actively participating.

As a student in the Multidisciplinary Graduate Engineering unit, Reddy seeks to explore various technological areas and develop a varied portfolio of projects. “I want to learn about various tech fields, try out fresh concepts, and figure out which one’s interest me the most,” he says. Reddy wants to make the most of his time as a College of Engineering student to build a strong technical foundation and pursue a career in the tech sector.

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