MSIS Alumnus Pushes Patient Monitoring Forward

Atul Nipane

Atul Nipane graduated from Northeastern University with an MS in Information Systems in 2017. He is currently a Software Test Engineer at Philips, a position he has held since October 2017.

Nipane applies the skills and knowledge he learned through his graduate work to the projects and initiatives he works on at Philips. He develops applications for patient monitoring, mobility, and performance monitoring. When asked to describe his role further, Nipane says, “My primary responsibility is to verify that the software is working as per the specifications and that all the devices gather continuous patient information from various sources for networked and standalone setups.”

Globalization, advancements in technology and medicine, and increased access to health care have created new challenges for patients and clinicians. Nipane states that Philips Patient Monitoring is designed to help clinicians make informed decisions, reduce variation in care delivery, and lower costs. Furthermore, he states, “We design and develop different clinical solutions along with the guidance of clinicians to persistently improve the quality of patient care.” Currently, Nipane is working on a project to incorporate live video feed of the patient in the mobility application.

The Multidisciplinary Graduate Engineering Department offers a diverse and technically rigorous curriculum that prepares students to enter a vast array of industries, especially those in the healthcare sector. When asked to reflect on his time spent at Northeastern, Nipane says that he selected courses that explored web technologies and automation, in addition to classes on databases and advanced data sciences. His studies prepared him well for his role at Philips.

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