Collaboration and Innovation at Chemical Engineering Research Retreat

On July 18, faculty and staff from the Department of Chemical Engineering came together for a Research Retreat led by Associate Professor & Associate Chair of Research, Rebecca Carrier. The retreat was held in the historic Fenway Center building.

The first part of the day focused on Faculty Highlight Presentations and group discussions to promote collaboration and sharing of resources. The department also shared exciting news, including updates on the renovations in the Unit Operations Lab and the Main Office. The last part of the day was an active and engaging poster session with over 30 graduate students presenting research from a variety of lab groups. Faculty and students were able to walk around the room and see research from areas including biological, materials, and engineering education.

 “The research retreat provided a great venue for the Chemical Engineering Faculty to learn about the amazing work going on in our Department. Since we are all so busy with our own research, teaching, and service responsibilities, we don’t always have the time to discuss latest research breakthroughs or capabilities of our colleagues. It was exciting and fun to have a morning dedicated to discussing potential collaborations!” remarks Professor Carrier.

The Department of Chemical Engineering is proud to be a synergistic community that promotes the exchange of ideas, collaboration, learning, and individual growth & development. “Over the past four years, our undergraduate student body has tripled, our graduate student body has tripled, there has been over a 200% increase in research funding, and our faculty size has doubled,” says Thomas Webster, Professor and Department Chair, Chemical Engineering and Art Zafiropoulo Chair in Engineering.

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