Cornerstone Class Presents to Beachmont Elementary School

This past Monday (April 10) the students of Professor Schulte Grahame’s Cornerstone of Engineering class traveled to Beachmont Elementary School in Revere, Massachusetts to present their projects on sustainability to students grades 3 – 5.   

Spending the past semester mastering skills in Matlab, C++, Arduino programming, 3D printing, Solidworks, AutoCAD design, and Matlab-Sparkfun integration techniques the designed 9 unique projects.  The projects had requirements of being a constructed game or interactive exhibit to illustrate any topic of interest the group members agreed to in sustainability.  The content of these projects included reducing waste, utilizing kinetic tiles to harness energy, sustainable farming methods, suitability of energy generation, energy from food waste, water footprints of food, the energy created from biking, vehicle efficiency and transportation choices.  The Northeastern students constructed posters and provided handouts to accompany their engineering designs and to reinforce their topics of focus. Many projects focused their attention on the accessibility of the projects, creating pictorial instructions for use as well as bilingual elements.

The gallery style exhibition lasted for three hours and over 150 students walked through and played with the student's projects. 

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