Kathryn Schulte Grahame

Teaching Professor and Associate Director,  First Year Engineering Program
Affiliated Faculty,  Civil and Environmental Engineering



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Research Focus

Service-learning in engineering, first year engineering success, sustainable urban design; alternative energy sources; green roof technology; soil-liquid infiltration physics


Dr. Kathryn Schulte Grahame is a Teaching Professor at Northeastern University and the Associate Director of the First-Year Engineering Team at Northeastern University. The focus of this team is on providing a consistent, comprehensive, and constructive educational experience that endorses the student-centered, professional, and practice-oriented mission of Northeastern University. She teaches the Cornerstone of Engineering courses to first-year students as well as courses within the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. She is a recipient of the Excellence in Mentoring Award and the Outstanding Teacher of First-Year Students Award. Her research interests include service learning and work that informs and enhances the teaching of first-year students.


  • M.Ed., Higher Education Management, Northeastern University, 2011
  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Columbia University, 2008
  • M.S., Civil Engineering, Columbia University, 2005
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, Northeastern University, 2004

Honors & Awards

  • 2022 Excellence in Mentoring Award
  • 2017 Outstanding Teachers of First Year Engineering Students
  • 2013 New Advisor of the Year

Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Society of Engineering Education
  • Society of Women Engineers

Research Overview

Service-learning in engineering, first year engineering success, sustainable urban design; alternative energy sources; green roof technology; soil-liquid infiltration physics

Selected Publications

  • Schulte Grahame, K., & Shea, A. E., & Amstutz, C. (2023, June), Success Framework for a STEAM x S-L Partnership Paper presented at 2023 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Baltimore , Maryland. June 2023 https://peer.asee.org/44355 
  • Schulte Grahame, K., Pfluger, C., (2022) “A Comparison and Assessment of Capstone and Cornerstone Students’ Perceptions of the Application of ABET Design Criteria”, ASEE 2022 National Conference Proceedings, June 2022 
  • Schulte Grahame, K., Zahapoulos, C., Jesudason, R, (2020) “Preparing High School Students to Succeed in STEM Fields via an Early College Experience”, ASEE 2020 National Virtual Conference Proceedings, June 2020 
  • Keyvani-Someh, L., O’Connell, B., Schulte Grahame, K., Levi, J., Hansberry, W.; Swami, V., (2020) “Friendly Mentor or Former Consultant: Peer Mentors in First-Year Engineering Courses”, ASEE 2020 National Virtual Conference Proceedings, June 2020  
  • Davis, D., Burns, M., Sangster, J., Mukasa, C., O’Connell, B., Quinn, E., Smith, A., Schulte Grahame, K., (2020) “Evaluating Student Success in a Pre-college General Engineering Program”, ASEE 2020 National Virtual Conference Proceedings, June 2020 
  • Schulte Grahame, K., Cranford, S., Eckelman, M,, Shillaber, C., (2019). “Essentials of Civil Engineering Materials”, Cognella Publishing, San Diego, CA, 2019.
  • Schulte Grahame, K., Freeman, S., Levi, J.A, (2019) “Community Engagement and Service-Learning: Putting Faces to a Community to Create Better Engineers” FYEE 2019 National Conference Proceedings, June 2019
  • Schulte Grahame, K., Keyvani, L., (2018) “GIFTS: Preparing First Year Engineering Students for a Career Where Communication Skills Matter!” FYEE 2018 National Conference Proceedings, August 2018
  • Whalen, R., Freeman, S., Schulte Grahame, K., Hertz, J., Love, J. (2018) “Evolution of Cornerstone: Achieving a Multi-faceted Approach.” ASEE 2018 National Conference Proceedings, June 2018
  • Freeman, S., Pfluger, C., Whalen, R. Schulte Grahame, K., Hertz, J., Variawa, C., Love, J., Sivak, M., Maheswaran, B. (2016) “Cranking Up Cornerstone: Lessons Learned from Implementing a Pilot with First-Year Engineering Students.” ASEE 2016 National Conference Proceedings, June 2016
  • Bielefeldt, A,. Jones, S., Mueller Price, J., Schulte Grahame, K. Gillen, A. (2016) “Impacts of Sustainability Education on the Attitudes of Engineering Students.” ASEE 2016 National Conference Proceedings, June 2016
  • Variawa, C., Freeman, S., Schulte Grahame, K., Jaeger-Helton, B., Pfluger, C., Whalen, R. (2015) “First-year Student Assumptions on Diversity in Engineering Education” ASEE 2015 National Conference Proceedings, June 2015
  • Schulte Grahame, K., Zahopoulous, C., Schilder, D. (2015) “Can Real-Life Projects in Freshmen Engineering Classes Result in Improved Interest and Performance in the Clean Energy Careers?” ASEE 2015 Northeast Section Conference Proceedings, April 2015
  • Pfluger, C., Schulte Grahame, K. (2014).  “Introducing Sustainability into Engineering Design: a First Year Course” ASEE 2014 National Conference Proceedings, June 2014, Indianapolis, Indiana.


Dec 02, 2022

First Year Engineering Expo – Fall 2022

The First-year Engineering Program’s mission is to inspire and motivate our students to pursue an Engineering Education by providing them with a diverse and inclusive learning community centered around the First-year Engineering Learning and Innovation Center and the Cornerstone of Engineering 1- & 2-course sequence. In Cornerstone, students are introduced to the fundamentals of engineering […]


Apr 15, 2022

Faculty and Staff Awards 2022

Congratulations to all the winners of the faculty and staff awards, and to everyone for their hard work and dedication during the 2021-2022 academic school year.


Jul 01, 2020

COE Presents at the 2020 ASEE’S Virtual Conference

College of Engineering faculty, staff, and students, published and presented virtual papers at the American Society for Engineering Education – Virtual National conference.

cover of Essentials of Civil Engeering Materials


Feb 10, 2020

Essentials of Civil Engineering Materials

CEE Associate Teaching Professor Kathryn E. Schulte Grahame, Assistant Teaching Professor Craig M. Shillaber, and Associate Professor Matthew J. Eckelman published the book “Essentials of Civil Engineering Materials”.


Dec 14, 2018

Sustainability Education: It’s All Fun and Games

Associate Teaching Professor Kathryn Schulte Grahame’s first-year corner stone students partnered with the Museum of Science to create interactive games that would educate children on sustainability.


May 03, 2017

Faculty and Staff Awards 2017

Congratulations to all the winners of the faculty and staff awards, and to everyone for their hard work and dedication during the 2016-2017 academic school year. Faculty Fellow Edward Beighley, CEE Yun Raymond Fu, ECE Tommaso Melodia, ECE Rising Star Staff Award Erin Schnepp, Undergraduate Academic Advising Carolina Venegas-Martinez, CEE Outstanding Teachers of First Year […]


Apr 13, 2017

Cornerstone Class Presents to Beachmont Elementary School

This past Monday (April 10) the students of Professor Schulte Grahame’s Cornerstone of Engineering class traveled to Beachmont Elementary School in Revere, Massachusetts to present their projects on sustainability to students grades 3 – 5.    Spending the past semester mastering skills in Matlab, C++, Arduino programming, 3D printing, Solidworks, AutoCAD design, and Matlab-Sparkfun integration techniques the designed […]


Dec 07, 2016

FYELC Sustainability Cornerstone Final Projects

FYELC Associate Teaching Professor Kathryn Schulte's class presented their final sustainability cornerstone projects in a museum exhibit this week.

Apr 01, 2013

New Advisor of the Year

CEE Assistant Academic Specialist Kathryn Schulte Grahame has been selected to receive the Northeastern University New Advisor of the Year Award for her work with Graduate Women in Science & Engineering (GWISE).

Aug 01, 2011

New Faculty Spotlight: Kathryn Schulte Grahame

Kathryn Schulte Grahame joined the department in Fall 2011 as an Assistant Academic Specialist. As part of her Gateway Faculty appointment she will teach freshman engineering courses as well as undergraduate civil engineering courses. Dr. Schulte Grahame received her Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Columbia University in 2008. She is also a Northeastern University alumna, […]

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