COE Presents at the 2020 ASEE’S Virtual Conference

College of Engineering faculty, staff, and students, published and presented virtual papers at the American Society for Engineering Education – Virtual National conference on June 22-26, 2020. ASEE is the Global Principal organization for Engineering Education.

  • How We Teach: Chemical Engineering in the First Year, Lucas Landherr
  • Are Creative Capstone Design Projects Successful? Relating Project Creativity to Course Outcomes, Bridget M. Smyser and Andrew Gouldstone
  • A First-year Engineering Information Literacy Workshop to Increase Student Awareness of Research Databases, Evie Cordell, Alissa P. Link Cilfone, Susan F. Freeman, Richard Whalen, Brooke Davis Williams
  • By Students for Students: Using Course Projects to Create Learning Materials for Future Classes, Lucas Landherr
  • gruepr, an Open-source Tool for Creating Optimal Student Teams, Joshua L. Hertz and Susan F. Freeman
  • Work in Progress: The Development and Applied Use of Crash Course Engineering Videos for Formal and Informal Learning, Lucas James Landherr
  • Preparing High School Students to Succeed in STEM Fields via an Early College Experience, Kathryn Schulte Grahame
  • Power Generation through Small Scale Wind Turbine, Alya Abd Aziz, Evan Alexander, Cole Branagan, Laura Brigandi, and Bala Maheswaran
  • WIP: An Effective Model for Leveraging Field Trips to Broaden Participation in STEM, Claire Duggan, Ibrahim F. Zeid, Jennifer Ocif Love, Nicolas Fuchs, Emily Chernich, Brittany Fung
  • Navigating and Energy Generating Insole: Vibrating Walking Directions, Cailey Denoncourt, Liza Russell, and Bala Maheswaran
  • Operations Laboratory Module on Heat Exchangers, Courtney Pfluger and Dayna Lee Martínez
  • Friendly Mentor or Former Consultant: Peer Mentors in First-Year Engineering Courses, Leila Keyvani Someh, Brian O’Connell, Kathryn Schulte Grahame, Jake Levi, Whitney Elise Hansberry, Vishrudan Swami
  • WIP: Mitigating Transfer Shock for Undergraduates in Engineering to Increase Diversity, Claire Duggan, Rachelle Reisberg, Richard R. Harris, Brad Lehman, Russell Faux, Luis Rafael Frias II, Marilyn Minus
  • The Impacts on Peer Tutors of Leading Group Supplemental Instruction for First-Year Engineering Students, Caroline Ghio, Sydney Anne Morris, Hannah Marie Boyce, Bradley Joseph Priem, Paul A. DiMilla, Rachelle Reisberg
  • Fourth Time Around: Do Classes Get Better with Instructor Repetition? Joshua L. Hertz, Richard Whalen, Constantine Mukasa, John Sangster
  • Evaluating Student Success in a Pre-college General Engineering Program, Duncan Davis, Matthew Burns, John Sangster, Constantine Mukasa, Brian Patrick O’Connell, Elizabeth Quinn, Alice Smith, Kathryn Schulte Grahame


Related Faculty: Luke Landherr, Bridget Smyser, Bala Maheswaran, Claire Duggan, Ibrahim Zeid, Jennifer Love, Nicolas Fuchs, Courtney Pfluger, Leila Keyvani Someh, Brian O'Connell, Kathryn Schulte Grahame, Richard Harris, Bradley Lehman, Marilyn L. Minus, Joshua Hertz, Richard Whalen, Constantine Mukasa, Duncan Davis

Related Departments:Chemical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering