FYELC Sustainability Cornerstone Final Projects

December 5th and 6th in the First Year Engineering Learning and Innovation Center was packed with final sustainability cornerstone student presentations for Associate Teaching Professor Kathryn Schulte's class. These semester long projects consisted of many milestones, but this week everything came to an end and was put on display to create a museum exhibit. The objective was to teach the user about sustainability, but as you walked through the museum you also saw the great professionalism, teamwork, and dedication these small student groups achieved. 

The assignment and goals of the projects were: 

  1. Develop, design, and create an educational tool/exhibit that teaches a sustainability related area.
  2. Integrate Arduino/Sparkfun kits into the design to collect and present data (in Matlab or other visual computer program) that substantiates the sustainability of your design.
  3. Provide a fun, hands-on experience that teaches your audience (children going to a museum) about your selected sustainability topic.
  4. Create at least one 3-D printed part to incorporate in your exhibit
  5. Stay under a maximum budget of $100
  6. Incorporate into the learning experience sustainability ethics: how does the exhibit meet the triple bottom line (economics, environment, society)?


Related Faculty: Kathryn Schulte Grahame