Creating a Device for Early Detection of Disease Using Exhaled Breath

ECE Professor Nian X. Sun and ChE Associate Teaching Professor Adam Ekenseair were awarded a patent for “Molecularly-imprinted electrochemical sensors.”

Abstract Source: USPTO

Provided herein are devices (e.g., electrochemical sensors useful for detecting volatile organic compounds associated with certain diseases or conditions and/or diagnosing certain diseases or conditions). The devices comprise one or more layers of metal on a layer of silicon, and a layer of molecularly imprinted polymer in electrical communication with the one or more layers of metal, wherein the one or more layers of metal are each independently selected from a layer of chromium, platinum, gold, nickel, cobalt, tungsten, rhodium, iridium, silver, tin, titanium or tantalum, or an alloy thereof. Methods of using the devices (e.g., to detect one or more analytes in a sample, to detect and/or diagnose a disease or condition in a subject), and methods of making the devices are also provided.

Related Faculty: Nian X. Sun, Adam Ekenseair

Related Departments:Chemical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering