Creating New Sensor Technology

ECE Associate Professor Cristian Casella, Professor Matteo Rinaldi, andĀ Postdoctoral Research Associate Hussein Hussein were awarded a patent for “Subharmonic tags for remote continuous and threshold sensing.”

Abstract Source: USPTO

A sensing device is provided having sensing circuitry, connected to an input port and the output port, with a sensor having an impedance sensitive to a parameter of interest, one or more passive electrical components, and a variable capacitor. The sensing circuitry is triggered to generate an output signal for transmission from the output port, the output signal dependent on the parameter of interest sensed by the sensor and on an input power value, Pin, of an input signal received at the input port being greater than a parametric threshold power value, Pth. A sensing system includes the sensing device and a transmitting device to transmit the input signal to the sensing device at a frequency representative of the parameter of interest. A receiving device, which can be incorporated with or located remotely from the transmitting device, receives the output signal of the sensing device, which has a frequency that is half of the frequency of the input signal transmitted by the transmitting device.

Related Faculty: Cristian Cassella, Matteo Rinaldi, Hussein Hussein

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering