Determining Water Toxicity Using Prokaryotic Real-Time Gene Expression

April Gu, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering is calculating toxicity levels of pollutants in water samples using prokaryotic real-time gene expressions. 

Gu’s research objectives are (1) to apply an innovative interdisciplinary approach of prokaryotic real-time gene-expression profiling as a means of evaluating toxic effects and identify toxicity mechanisms of emerging contaminants; (2) to develop a more sophisticated and informative, yet cost-effective and feasible genomic assessment system for monitoring and quantifying toxicity effects from contaminants in water samples; and (3) to establish a creative and integrated education program to attract and educate personnel from various disciplines and backgrounds, especially women and underrepresented groups, to become contributors in the field of environmental engineering.

April received her BS in Sanitary and Environmental Engineering from TsingHua University in 1993. In 1997, she received her MS from Northeastern in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Dr. Gu received her PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2003 from the University of Washington. 

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