Dorsey Named JMM Emerging Leader

Kristen Dorsey

Kris Dorsey, associate professor of ECE, has been awarded the Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering Emerging Leader Award for 2022, in recognition of “Analysis of DefeXtiles: a 3D printed textile towards garments and accessories.” The Editor in Chief of the journal, Prof. Weileun Fang, noted “In this work, Prof. Dorsey changed the mechanical properties of the textile by varying the process parameters of 3D printing. Moreover, the mechanical properties of fabricated textile are well investigated through different tests, such as the tension, cycling loads, and bending. The results indicate the stiffness ratio of over 44 from the most compliant to the stiffest textile, with max-min bending rigidity ratios of 1.7, solely by modifying the 3D printing parameters. Finally, a wristband with integrated RFID tag and a fascinator hat are demonstrated to show the applications of presented process technology. Prof. Dorsey demonstrated her leadership in bringing students and collaborators through this excellent research, and this work has already received more than 300 downloads so far.” The paper was a collaboration with the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab.

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