ECE Professor Kaushik Chowdhury has been awarded grant worth $1M from the ONR

ECE Associate Professor Kaushik Chowdhury has been awarded the Director of Research Early Career Grant from the Office of Naval Research for work on dynamic spectrum access networks.

This prestigious 5 year grant provides up to $200k in total expenses per year for a total of $1M. This award will go towards a project titled “End-to-end protocol designs that address the challenges of distributed dynamic spectrum access networks.”

Professor Chowdhury’s proposed research will focus on adapting and modifying the layers of the network protocol stack, giving a new perspective on how the basic functional blocks of DSA could influence the end user applications. This research will enable methods to connect radios in WiFi, LTE, mmWave and THz spectrum bands to create reconfigurable networks that autonomously solve problems of coexistence and inter-technology handoffs under both static and mobile scenarios, while also providing assured end-to-end performance.

The results of this research could have a large impact on 5G cellular technology, disaster recovery, public safety, as well as enhance the tactical wireless capability of the US Navy.

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