ECE Professor Shrivastava Awarded Patent

ECE Assistant Professor Aatmesh Shrivastava has been awarded a patent for "Low Power Clock Source."

Abstract Source: USPTO

An ultra-low power clock source includes a compensated oscillator and an uncompensated oscillator coupled by a comparator circuit. In an example, the compensated oscillator is more stable than the uncompensated oscillator with respect to changes in one or more of temperature, voltage, age, or other environmental parameters. The uncompensated oscillator includes a configuration input configured to adjust an operating characteristic of the uncompensated oscillator. In an example, the uncompensated oscillator is adjusted using information from the comparator circuit about a comparison of output signals from the compensated oscillator and the uncompensated oscillator.

Related Faculty: Aatmesh Shrivastava

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering