Eckelman Publishes Book on “Industrial Ecology and Sustainability”

CEE Associate Professor Matthew Eckelman published a book on “Industrial Ecology and Sustainability.”

Technology today is undergoing a rapid, unprecedented, and accelerating period of transformation. The implications of climate change, underpinned by geopolitics, for scientists and engineers are profound, as they and their societies attempt to harness these new technologies to address critical global environmental challenges, often without a full understanding of the long-term consequences. This textbook is designed to fill the gaps at a time of rapid changes in technology and the global environmental to develop sustainability situations.

Written by world-renowned experts, this book comprehensively covers the broad spectrum of topics in sustainability science – industrial ecology, economic geology, environmental change, recycling and reuse, and sustainability – and brings readers up to date on the state-of-the-art. A feature of the book is the inclusion of worked examples in the text. Industrial ecology utilizes life cycle assessment (LCA), material flow analysis (MFA), matrix analytics, in-use stock derivation, and other mathematical and analytic tools; appropriate chapters include worked examples to illustrate their use, to develop reader-familiarity with the tools.

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