Empowering Healthcare through Technology and Education

Shreya Jaiswal finished her undergraduate work in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2020, and she was fortunate to land a job with Accenture as a data engineer. With an interest to turn information volume into accuracy, she pursued the MS in information systems program.

Shreya Jaiswal finished her undergraduate work in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2020, and she was fortunate to land a job with Accenture as a data engineer. She acquired an in-depth understanding of industry requirements, the process of handling big data, and the management of systems as a member of the data integration team. Soon after, she was given the task of automating intricate XML files and moving data to the raw layer, which showed her the value of gaining practical experience in the workplace and the need for expertise outside of the classroom to supplement her academic knowledge.

According to Jaiswal, “I realized my desire to turn information volume into accuracy, empowering people to make informed decisions while assisting industries in analyzing optimal solutions.” At Northeastern University, she discovered the Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) degree, which offers a cutting-edge and demanding academic curriculum geared at implementing software solutions that address both commercial problems and the humanistic demands of users. She decided to enroll at Northeastern University.

Jaiswal’s personal development, education, and ability to solve problems have all improved because of her experience on the Boston campus—even when it came to doing typical school projects. She aims to comprehend the practical uses of these projects in dealing with issues encountered in the real world. These assignments serve to sharpen our abilities and thinking. In her Application Engineering Development course,  She has been highly affected by this statement in determining the value that each opportunity offers. Additionally, under Professor Nik Brown‘s direction, she has taken two courses in Data Science Engineering Methods, which have given her invaluable experience in developing her conceptual knowledge and utilizing technology to address real-world problems.

Jaiswal’s interest in healthcare and her own sincere concern for social concerns led her to learn about rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a chronic condition for which there is presently no effective treatment. Additionally, witnessing the life of RA sufferers close to her fueled her desire to use technology to address the problems in healthcare. These elements provided Jaiswal with a compelling reason to start this endeavor.

RA is predicted to affect 350 million individuals worldwide by the year 2023. She has started the process by producing an AI-generated x-ray image Kaggle dataset, realizing that getting sensitive clinical data can be difficult, with the long-term objective of assisting those suffering from this chronic disorder. Jaiswal is appreciative of Professor Nik Brown’s important advice and coursework, which made it possible for her to successfully produce this dataset. She is eager to continue working hard on this initiative and expand it so that it can significantly improve the lives of individuals with RA.

Jaiswal’s objective as an MGEN student is to make the most of all the resources to increase her knowledge, exposure, and skill sets. She believes that when knowledge and technology are integrated effectively, it will alleviate or benefit humanity, and one day, she hopes to play a role in advancing this aspect. Additionally, she is dedicated to contributing effectively to the development of real-time solutions as a member of the “women in technology” movement. We are excited to see what is ahead for her and to support her on this amazing journey.

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