Engineering Students published and presented at the 2020 ASEE-NE Virtual Conference

five student certificates from ASEE

Engineering students, under the supervision of Teaching Professor Bala Maheswaran, published and presented five papers at the American Society of Engineering Education–Northeast Section Virtual Conference on October 16-17, 2020 at Bridgeport, CT. This is a remarkable achievement for Northeastern students, to do this during the pandemic. The paper on “OSCILLUS: Harnessing Wave Energy” won first place. This is a notable achievement since these NU engineering students competed with other graduate and undergraduate students in the Northeast region.

The American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) is the leading organization in the US and Globally in Engineering Education with about ten thousand members. The Titles of the student presentations are shown below:

Water Recycling and Filtration

Anna Pocquette, BioE’24, Nick Angelino, Sam Allegretti, EE’24, Kyle Reusch, BioE’23, and Bala Maheswaran

Smart Ukulele: An Engineering Innovation

Jordan Martino, Maddy Weaver, ECE’22, Taran Lee, CmpE/CS’24, Umang Rastogi, CmpE’23, David Hunter, ECE’23, and Bala Maheswaran

OSCILLUS: Harnessing Wave Energy

Damon Artis, MechE’24, Samuel Hibbard, MechE’24, Cory Lafleur,MechE’24, Jordan Leong, CompE’24, Jakob Ringberg, MechE’24, and Bala Maheswaran

Recovering Electrical Energy from Sound: An Innovation far into the Future

James Flanagan, MechE/Phys’24, Nadav Nielsen, MechE/Phys’24, Smeet Patel, MechE’24, Matthew Prescott, MechE’24, Carly Tamer, ChE’24, and Bala Maheswaran

Aztec: Assistive Technology for the Hand

Anurag Arasan, McCain Boonma, EE’24, Rachel Fox, MechE’24, Kat Francis, BioE’23, Matt Goffin, ChE’23, and Bala Maheswaran

Related Faculty: Bala Maheswaran

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