Ganguly Awarded Patent for Multivariable Climate Forecasting

Auroop Ganguly

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly was awarded a patent for creating a “system for multivariate climate change forecasting with uncertainty quantification”.

Abstract Source: USPTO
A system and method for providing multivariate climate change forecasting are provided that obtain, from one or more climate model datasets, simulated historical and future climate model data, and from one or more climate observational datasets, historical observed climate data. A statistical distribution, using a Bayesian model, is provided of extremes or climate indices for one or more variable climate features using the simulated climate model data and the observed climate data. One or more metrics are determined, including a prediction of a future climate variable for a determined future time period, a confidence bound of the prediction of the future climate variable for the determined future time period, and a prediction bound for the future climate variable for the determined future time period. The metrics can be transmitted to a variety of applications in a variety of formats.


Related Faculty: Auroop R. Ganguly

Related Departments:Civil & Environmental Engineering