Ganguly Selected as ASCE Fellow

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly has been selected as a fellow of ASCE in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the profession.

Auroop Ratan Ganguly has developed fundamental yet policy-relevant scientific insights and engineering principles on climate adaptation and resilient engineering, especially for critical lifelines, water resources and urban coastal sustainability, with physics-guided data science methods drawn from nonlinear dynamics and artificial intelligence.

Ganguly has generated fundamental process understanding on weather and hydrologic extremes under climate change, produced innovative engineering principles for managing critical infrastructures, natural resources and urban or regional lifelines, and developed novel methods in machine learning, nonlinear dynamics, network science, and physics-blended data sciences. He has published in interdisciplinary (e.g., Nature, PNAS, Nature Climate Change, Nature’s Scientific Reports, PLOS One) and disciplinary journals in diverse areas of engineering (water, infrastructures and transportation) and sciences (climate and geosciences, computers and data). He won multiple best-paper awards in highly selective data and computer science conferences, developed patented or patent-pending inventions, and published books on Critical Infrastructures Resilience and Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data.

Ganguly has contributed to national and world bodies (e.g., United Nations Environmental Programme, US National Academies, United Nations Association of the United Kingdom, US National Climate Assessments), and cited by multiple United Nations IPCC climate assessment reports and the US National Climate Assessments. He is the Chief Specialty Editor of Frontiers in Water Research (Water and Built Environment), an Associate Editor of ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, Editorial Board Member for PLOS One and Nature’s Scientific Reports, on the ASCE Committee for Adaptation to a Changing Climate, (formerly) in the Artificial Intelligence committee of the American Meteorological Society and an Associate Editor of American Geophysical Union’s Water Resources Research, besides serving on multiple program committees of Computer Science conferences. He obtained an ASCE outstanding reviewer award, faculty fellow, outstanding faculty award and outstanding mentor awards. He has been widely quoted by and cited in the national and international media.

Ganguly has 20+ years of professional experience spanning US academia, government and the private sector. He is a full professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, with affiliate professor positions in their Khoury College of Computer Science, Marine and Environmental Sciences, Political Science, Public Policy and Urban Affairs as well as Global Resilience Institute. Besides directing Northeastern’s Sustainability and Data Sciences Laboratory, Ganguly is the co-founder and chief scientific adviser of the National Science Foundation funded Cambridge, MA, based startup risQ, which is focused on managing urban financial risk under climate change. He is a Visiting International Professor of Computer Science and Environmental Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. His prior full-time experiences include the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, as well as Oracle Corporation, and a best-of-breed company called Demantra subsequently acquired by Oracle. He was a co-chair of the Societal Dimensions Working Group for the NCAR Community Earth System Model.

Ganguly obtained a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, an MS from the University of Toledo in Ohio and a B. Tech. (Hons.) from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur.

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