Patent for Generating Precise Liquid Droplets for Biochemical Sensing

Carlos Hidrovo

MIE Assistant Professor Carlos Hidrovo was awarded a patent for “Platform for liquid droplet formation and isolation.”

Abstract Source: USPTO

Embodiments are directed to a platform for liquid droplet generation and isolation for biochemical sensing and testing. An embodiment includes generator, fluid-exchange, and manipulator structures that are vertically aligned on a substrate to form a collection chamber. The generator structure is configured to form liquid droplets from a stream of liquid using gas. The fluid-exchange structure is connected to the generator structure to receive the liquid droplets in a carrier liquid held in the collection chamber. The manipulator structure is connected to receive the liquid droplets in the carrier liquid via an inlet. The manipulator structure defines a manipulator chamber connected to the inlet and has a first outlet and a second outlet and a filter capable of filtering the liquid droplets from the carrier liquid. The first outlet enables removal of the liquid droplets filtered and the second outlet enables removal of the carrier liquid.


Related Faculty: Carlos Hidrovo

Related Departments:Mechanical & Industrial Engineering