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Gu & Wan Receive $150K DOE Grant

CEE assistant professor April Gu and MIE associate professor Kai-tak Wan, have received a grant from DOE to explore how nano-scale cell surface characteristics dictate the microbial transport and migration behavior in contaminant remediation.

Professor Gu received her BS from TsingHua University in Sanitary and Environ. Engineering. She received both her MS and PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Northeastern University (1997) and the University of Washington (2003), respectively. Her expertise includes application of biotechnology for water quality improvement, biological treatment processes and bioremediation, ecotoxicology and toxicity assessment, and biosensors for water quality monitoring.

Professor Kai-tak Wan received his BS in Physics from the University of New South Wales and his PhD in Chemical Physics from University of Maryland at College Park in 1993. His research interests include cellular biomechanics, water filtration, thin film adhesion and characterization, subsurface mechano-sensing, shell adhesion, and fundamental intersurface forces.

You can learn more about their research here.


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