Jaeger Wins 2 ASEE Awards

MIE Senior Academic Specialist Beverly Jaeger has won BOTH of ASEE’s Spread the Word & Campus Representative awards for recruiting the most new Professional members & maintaining the highest % of faculty membership.

Campus Representatives play a crucial role in recruiting new ASEE members and in keeping current and potential members informed of ASEE activities. As the local, grass-roots presence of the Society, the importance of the services Campus Representatives provide to their schools and to ASEE cannot be overemphasized. They are the direct link between colleagues with questions, concerns, and comments about ASEE and the staff who can best respond. Their role is vital in getting information on membership opportunities and ASEE activities to potential members on campus. The growth, stability, and effective operation of ASEE in accomplishing its mission of promoting excellence in engineering education directly depend upon Campus Representatives across our nation.

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Related Departments:Mechanical & Industrial Engineering