Leading Amazon Project with Passion and Drive

While working on co-op as a software development engineer at Amazon, Raksha Kagadalu, MS’23, information systems, led a project to migrate the checkout process to a modern Spring Java-based framework.

Raksha Kagadalu, MS’23, information systems, stepped into a new chapter of her professional career in the summer of 2023 as a software development engineer intern at Amazon.

She played a key role on Amazon’s tier-1 checkout application team, leading a project to migrate the checkout address selection page from a legacy framework to a modern Spring Java-based framework. The successful execution of the proof of concept ensured a smooth and secure checkout process.

During the four-month project, Kagadalu took charge of all aspects, from design and development to testing and deployment. Amazon’s work culture, centered on innovation and continuous learning, significantly contributed to Kagadalu’s professional development. She actively embraced Amazon’s leadership principles, particularly “Learn and Be Curious,” which encouraged a proactive approach to learning new technologies and methodologies that were essential for the success of the migration project. The principle of “Dive Deep” led her to examine the details of the migration process, gaining a comprehensive understanding of challenges and opportunities. The commitment to “Deliver Results” strengthened her dedication to achieving measurable outcomes.

Reflecting on her journey, Kagadalu emphasizes the significance of networking, saying “Engaging with the co-op program, attending job events, and utilizing platforms like LinkedIn to connect with professionals help to establish industry connections.” She continues, “Recognizing the potential for discovering unique job opportunities through networking is a valuable experiential learning initiative that helped me throughout my co-op pursuits and professional career.”

Looking forward, Kagadalu is enthusiastic about her journey, aspiring to continue learning and making a meaningful impact in the tech world. Kagadalu’s experience is truly inspiring, illustrating that hard work, strategic networking, and a positive attitude can lead to a successful career in technology.

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