Managing Project Portfolios

Construction Industry Institute (CII), a consortium of more than a 100 leading owner and engineering-contractor firms based at University of Texas, has approved the funding for a $250K research project led by Professor Ali Touran in collaboration with Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Florida to study the management of construction project portfolios. This work will develop tools and techniques to improve the performance of complex construction projects that are grouped in portfolios. Congratulations to Professor Touran!

CII is a consortium of leading owners, engineering and construction contractors, and suppliers who have a singular mission: to improve the cost effectiveness of the capital facility project life cycle, from pre-project planning through completion and commissioning. By collaborating on important industry issues and by providing guidance on best practices discovered through research, the CII members are collectively an industry forum for the engineer-procure-construct process.

CII, through its research, implementation, education, and other initiatives, is a learning organization with a wealth of knowledge and information. The CII funded research program, with more than 30 leading U.S. universities involved, is unique in the engineering and construction industry. The research results lead to best practices for the entire industry to share and implement to improve project success.

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