Metghalchi Selected as Honorary Member of ASME

Hameed Metghalchi

MIE Professor Hameed Metghalchi was selected as an Honorary Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers “for distinguished services in promoting mechanical engineering through teaching, administrative and mentoring efforts; for contributions to the international community through research publications; and for sustained leadership in the Advanced Energy Systems Division of ASME’s Energy Resources Board.”

Dr. Metghalchi’s research interests are the fundamentals of combustion such as burning speed and onset of autoignition measurement and flame stability analysis; development of chemistry reduction such as rate-controlled constrained-equilibrium method; and non-equilibrium thermodynamics. He holds numerous awards and recognitions, including Life Fellow of ASME; Honorary Fellow of the International Society for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability (2020); ASME George Westinghouse Gold Medal (2019); ASME Edward F. Obert Award (2014); ASME Dedicated Service Award (2011); and ASME Harry Potter Award (2011).

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