Microfluidic Calorimeter

MIE Associate Professor Gregory Kowalski was awarded a patent for his designs for a microfluidic calorimeter system & its method of use.

Abstract Source: USPTO

Systems and methods are disclosed herein for a microfluidic calorimeter apparatus. A microfluidic calorimeter system includes a calorimetry apparatus and a processor in connection with the apparatus. The apparatus includes a microfluidic laminar flow channel connected to two inlets for flowing fluid into the laminar flow channel. Below the laminar flow channel is a plurality of microscale temperature sensors at known positions in the channel. The processor is in connection with the discrete temperature sensors and determines a calorimetry measurement based on local temperatures derived from data output by the microscale temperature sensors and the respective positions of the sensors in the channel.

Related Faculty: Gregory Kowalski

Related Departments:Mechanical & Industrial Engineering