MIE Faculty Awarded Tufts CTSI Pilot Studies Program Grant

chun-an "joe" chou

MIE Assistant Professor Chun-An (Joe) Chou (PI), together with MIE Professor Yingzi Lin (Co-PI) and Bouve PTMRS Associate Clinical Professor Sheng-Che Yen (Co-PI), received the award from the 2020 Tufts CTSI Pilot Studies Program for the research project “Decoding Mutli-Modal Physiological Response Patterns for Assessing Post-Stroke Cognitive Impairment in VR-based Driving.” The CTSI, established in 2008 with a Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), aims to support innovative clinical and translational research with the goal of improving public health. For this awarded multi-disciplinary research, the team will majorly investigate physiological response patterns correlating to cognitive and sensorimotor functions using data analytics and virtual-reality technologies for cognitive impairment assessment.


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