MS in Information Systems Co-op as Business Intelligence Engineer at Dell Technologies

Jayshil Jain

The Master of Science in Information Systems program at Northeastern University always stood out to Jayshil Jain, ME’21, information systems, as being at the forefront of their domain by blending industry relevant experience with an innovative curriculum.

Jain says, “The classes help students understand not only how to build, but how to work on real-world projects.”

The flexibility of the program also allowed him to focus on the data analytics side of data engineering and he was excited by the variety of classes to choose from. Through classes, such as Application Engineering and Design taught by Program Director Kal Bugrara, Jain gained the skills and knowledge needed to provide an array of industries practical and innovative business solutions. He states that the mentorship that he received from Director Bugrara during the course motivated him and his peers to think beyond writing functions that make computers work and provide solutions to “real-world” problems.

In speaking on his work in the program’s Designing Data Architecture Business Intelligence course, Jain says, “Learning the fundamentals of data warehousing and ETL pipelines really helped me make excellent academic projects that ended up being the biggest selling point of my professional profile.”

Jain also spoke about his time in the program’s Career Management for Engineers course, which is a required course for any student seeking a co-op opportunity in the information systems program. Through the work of his faculty co-op coordinators Maricla Pirozzi and Jessica Fisher, he describes gaining the knowledge needed to build his personal brand and also how to effectively communicate with employers during interviews to clearly and precisely convey his experience, knowledge, and ideas.

“Personally, I feel that the course taught me a lot of effective strategies that really helped me in my interview preparation and that I will use for the rest of my life,” says Jain. He continues commending his co-op preparation describing how the individual time and attention that his Faculty Co-op Coordinators gave to him and his peers during their co-op search made a large difference during his application process. During the job interview process, Jain made sure to take steps to propel his search stating, “I started to write and reflect on the points I discussed in the interviews, and then discussed them with my co-op advisors.”

Jain began his co-op search in March 2020, successfully being offered a co-op position with Dell Technologies as a global operations business intelligence engineer co-op. During his co-op, he had the opportunity to work with the globally placed supply chain and quality assurance team, working to create end-to-end dashboards that show all the data that goes through the process life-cycle from different factories and supplies across the network into Dell systems. Additionally, Jain worked to develop forecasting modules that can predict the number of failures and types of failures that may occur, as well as an automating process to simplify and optimize the work of fellow engineers. “I was fortunate to have managers that really believed in my work,” he says when reflecting on the support he also received during his time with Dell Technologies.

Jain is looking forward to graduating this Spring 2021 and is grateful for all the support and knowledge he gained while at Northeastern University. He exclaims, “I see myself leveraging all the experiences I had on co-op and the knowledge that I gained through my academics in the capacity of a data engineer or a business intelligence engineer in the near future.”

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