Muftu Publishes Textbook on Finite Element Method: Physics and Solution Methods

MIE Professor Sinan Muftu published a new textbook titled “Finite Element Method: Physics and Solution Methods” in July 2022. This book came out of teaching graduate-level finite element method and applied mechanics courses, and conducting research on the same topics over the last two decades. This book primarily focuses on the solution of one- and two-dimensional linear elasticity and heat transfer problems. Professor Muftu has drawn upon this literature and his own derivations.

One of the major goals of writing this book was to convey to the reader that the physical models, the solution methods, and the results are inseparable parts of analysis. Having a good grasp of the underlying physics of a problem, its mathematical representation, and the capabilities and limitations of the solution methods is necessary to set up the problems and interpret the results effectively. Thus, Prof Muftu hopes that this book will help the users of the finite element codes to have a holistic view of analysis. This book also provides detailed background for those who are interested to develop their own finite element codes for engineering research.


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