Paper by Associate Professor Liu Selected as Back Cover for Laser & Photonics Reviews

A paper by MIE/ECE Associate Professor Yongmin Liu was selected for the back cover of Laser & Photonics Reviews’ September 2018 issue. The paper, titled Efficient Generation of Microwave Plasmonic Vortices via a Single Deep-Subwavelength Meta-Particle, is authored by Hai Su, Xiaopeng Shen, Guangxu Su, Lin Li, Jianping Ding, Fanxin Liu, Peng Zhan, Yongmin Liu, and Zhenlin Wang.

The paper demonstrates an effective approach to generate deep‐subwavelength vortex modes carrying orbital angular momentum, which breaks the high frequency limitation of plasmonic vortices and promises potential applications in functional integrated devices operating in the microwave and terahertz regions.


Related Faculty: Yongmin Liu

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering