PhD Spotlight: Mireia Perera-González, PhD’23, Bioengineering

Originally from Spain, Mireia Perera-González began her PhD program in bioengineering in the fall of 2019 after successfully completing her bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering at Carlos III University of Madrid. Her research has focused on developing and optimizing dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods for evaluating bioresponsive contrast agents.

During her doctoral candidacy, Perera-González participated in multiple interdisciplinary projects ranging from evaluating toxic agents in the cardiovascular system (including wildland fire smoke, doxorubicin chemotherapy drug, and e-cigarette vaping devices) to programming complex sequence methods to accelerate quantitative MRI studies. She has presented her work at international conferences, culminating in three first-author publications, two of which are currently under submission.

In addition to her research efforts and excellent academic performance, Perera-González has made a positive impact on the Northeastern community both as a leader and a teacher’s assistant. She was elected to the Bioengineering Graduate Student Council, where she served for several years, first as the social chair, then as the council’s vice president, and in her final year leading the council as president. In 2020, Perera-González received the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award. Since the summer of 2022, she has been working as an imaging scientist for the Institute for Chemical Imaging of Living Systems, focused on preclinical imaging systems such as MRI and ultrasound.

Following graduation, Perera-González’s genuine passion for science and enthusiasm for collaborating with people across varying disciplines and backgrounds has led to her new role as Technical Sales Engineer/Application Scientist at Swabian Instruments USA. Her experience and leadership will help drive Swabian Instruments’ scientific, sales, and marketing efforts at their Boston office.


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