Prof. Lucas Landherr begins new regular contribution of engineering comics in journal, Chemical Engineering Education

The editors of the journal Chemical Engineering Education have announced ChE Associate Teaching Professor Lucas Landherr as a new regular contributor to the journal based on his education research involving the use of comics in teaching.  In the most recent issue, Prof. Landherr was introduced as the writer of the new feature "Drawn to Engineering", which will present a two-page comic in each issue, discussing educational techniques, practices, and research.

The comics will take the place of the long-running "Random Thoughts" column in Chemical Engineering Education by Dr. Richard Felder and Dr. Rebecca Brent, which had been a highly-respected and featured column for the last 29 years before coming to an end earlier this year.

A few panels of the first comic for CEE, 'Problem-Solvers', drawn by professional artist Matt Lubchansky, are shown here.  Future "Drawn to Engineering" comics will be drawn by other artists including Northeastern students; in particular, the next two editions will be drawn by ChemE senior Monica Keszler, who has contributed to Prof. Landherr's research with comics several times over the past year.

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