Prof Yegian's research on the Cover of Civil Engineering Magazine

Prof. Mishac Yegian's research made the cover of Civil Engineering Magazine. Prof. Yegian's modeling of the Brooklyn Bridge evaluates its ability to withstand a 2,500-year seismic event.

Professor Mishac Yegian is involved extensively in outreach activities conducted by the College of Engineering at Northeastern University. He is also involved in educational and outreach activities through local media including newspapers and TV programs. The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department’s shaking table is a prime attraction for all of these programs. There are various modules of presentations for high school students and their parents which include:  introduction to earthquakes and earthquake-induced damages, fundamentals of earthquake response of buildings (Newton’s Second Law and concept of resonance), shaking table excitations using real recorded earthquake motions, building structural models and breaking them on the shaking table, research demonstrations including soil liquefaction, and finally inviting the visitors to experience real earthquake motion via the shaking table. The various outreach programs are:

Women In Engineering Program – A program, primarily funded by NSF, with the goal of attracting  and supporting girls and women within the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.

Building Bridges Program – A program that strives to educate and actively involve high school students in engineering by providing hands on experience thereby introducing them to the field.

Engineering Wednesdays Program – An effort to attract high school students to the field of engineering by introducing participants to earthquake hazard and mitigation through demonstrations with the shaking table.

Minority Outreach Program – A program that runs once a month for minority high school students.

NSF Scholars Program – A program that runs every semester and summer for minority high school students.

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