Professor Emeritus Vittoria Publishes New Book

ECE Professor Emeritus Carmine Vittoria recently published the book Bitter Chicory to Sweet Espresso  about events of WW II in the Naples area as witnessed and seen by a child and his family. Vittoria worked as an ECE Distinguished Professor for 15 years before retiring in 2016.

Previous to the appointment as a full professor at NU, he was employed at the Naval Research Laboratory as a research physicist. The original patent on the stealth program in the Navy originated in the group where he was the group leader. At NU, he helped to establish a world class laboratory in developing new ferrite and/or microwave magnetic materials. Besides magnetism studies, the lab developed new superconducting materials, multilayers, composites, ferroelectric materials and theoretical fundamental work in the physics of these materials. Funding was procured from the NSF, DOD, DOE and Industrial labs.

Vittoria taught classes in electronic circuits, circuit analysis, motors, electromagnetics, electronic materials, computer logic circuits and magnetism.

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