Professor Lucas Landherr Contributes Chapter in “The Hustle Economy”

Professor Landherr was recently published in the anthology The Hustle Economy: Transforming Your Creativity Into a Career with a short story titled “Respect the Catalysts” under the pseudonym Dante Shepherd. This is Prof. Landherr’s first published chapter; he is the creator of Surviving the World as well as science comics (produced through a Provost Advancing Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Grant). Landherr’s research focus is how to promote and improve the curriculum of STEM beginning at the kindergarten level.

The Hustle Economy features 25 essays from founders, writers, producers, game makers, artists, and creative types from every path who share one common trait—they are all self-made hustlers who have managed to turn their creativity into careers.

The Hustle Economy is available on Amazon as well as the Northeastern Bookstore.


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