Richard West Assists Cantera in Securing Fiscal Sponsorship from NumFOCUS.

ChE Assistant Professor Richard West is a member of the leadership team through which Cantera has just secured fiscal sponsorship from NumFOCUS.

Cantera is an open-access software suite which helps users solve problems involving thermodynamics, chemical reaction rates, and fluid transport processes. NumFOCUS is a nonprofit with a mission to promote sustainable high-level programming languages, open code development, and reproducible scientific research.

Cantera has been adopted by a wide range of users across diverse research fields.  Its largest user base is in the combustion field, but Cantera has also seen applications in energy storage (such as batteries and fuel cells), geochemistry, chemical processing, thin film deposition, plasma science, and atmospheric/astronomical chemistry.

NumFOCUS’ Fiscal Sponsorship Program provides a stable, independent, and professional home for projects in the open source scientific data stack. With the addition of Cantera, the NumFOCUS fiscal sponsorship program now encompasses 21 open source scientific computing projects.

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