Patent for Saliva-based Glucose Monitoring System for Diabetes

ming wang

CEE Professor Ming Wang was awarded a patent for “Saliva glucose monitoring system”.

Abstract Source: USPTO

A glucose sensor suitable for measuring glucose levels in human saliva is provided. Systems containing the glucose sensor and methods for making and using the sensor are also provided. The glucose sensor is highly sensitive and can detect glucose levels at least down to 5 ppm. Fabrication of the sensor involves depositing single-walled carbon nanotubes onto the surface of a working electrode in a 3 electrode electrochemical detector and functionalizing the nanotubes by depositing layers of polymers, metallic nanoparticles, and glucose oxidase enzyme onto the nanotubes. The sensor can be used as a disposable, single-use device or as part of an analytical system, such as a microfluidics system, for the analysis of multiple analytes. The sensor enables the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes to be performed without pain or the need for finger pricks in a home or clinical setting.


Related Faculty: Ming L. Wang

Related Departments:Civil & Environmental Engineering