Science Comics on Display at Art Exhibition

Science comic work written by Northeastern chemical engineers will be part of an art exhibit at Waterfall Arts in Belfast, Maine starting this Friday, September 23.  Science comics have been a major effort in recent engineering education research work conducted by ChE Associate Teaching Professor Lucas Landherr under his creative pseudonym Dante Shepherd.

The exhibit, Created in the Lab: Interpreting Science through Comics, will highlight an eight page comic written by graduate student Christopher Cogswell with Professor Landherr, and drawn by professional artist Carey Pietsch.  This comic focuses on the concept of applying and utilizing assumptions within problem solving.  

Additionally, the central piece of the art exhibition is a periodic table with each element depicted artistically by different contributors.  Professor Landherr wrote and plotted the displays for three elements – Thorium, Seaborgium, and Osmium, which were then drawn by professional artist Beth Sparks.

The exhibit will be on display through November 11.

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