Securing the Digital World

Renuka Huddar, MS’24, information systems, provided cybersecurity advancements while on co-op at the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission.

Renuka Huddar, MS’24, is navigating a remarkable journey as she works toward earning a graduate degree in information systems. Her path is marked by a strong commitment to using technology for societal advancement.

Huddar landed a pivotal role at the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission, where her work in cybersecurity made a profound impact. She immersed herself in critical projects, enhancing the organization’s security posture through comprehensive threat analyses and robust policy implementations, notably in mobile device management. This effort strengthened the Commission’s digital safeguards, earning the trust of stakeholders and reinforcing the importance of secure technological practices. Additionally, she gained valuable hands-on experience with tools such as Tenable, Microsoft Azure, and Intune in real-world scenarios.

A defining moment in her co-op experience was successfully leading a Cybersecurity Awareness Month campaign. The initiative, particularly the implementation of mobile device management policies, significantly reduced security vulnerabilities, affirming the broader societal benefits of her team’s endeavors. This achievement was a testament to their dedication to strengthening cybersecurity proactively, emphasizing the necessity of ongoing educational efforts to secure our digital world.

Reflecting on her journey, Huddar underscores the importance of “honesty and integrity.” These values serve as a compass, guiding decisions through challenges and influencing actions. Acknowledging her integral part in a broader narrative, where work directly affects lives, fuels her dedication to pursuing excellence.

As she progresses through her academic journey, Huddar is prepared to delve deeper into technology’s transformative role, marking her pathway with innovative solutions for global betterment. With unwavering determination, she continues to turn challenges into milestones, ready for the next phase of her professional life.

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