Sheahan’s NIH Grant Renewed

CIV professor and acting chair Thomas Sheahan, has had his NIH grant renewed for his research on creating a reactive mat to remediate contaminated sediments and reduce health risks.

Professor Sheahan received his Sc.D. and M.S. in  Civil Engineering from M.I.T. in 1991 and 1988, respectively. In 1981, he received his BS in Civil Engineering from Union College. His research expertise is in Rate Effects in Soils, Offshore Geohazards, Sampling Disturbance Effects, and Laboratory Instrumentation.

In order to be funded by NIH, the researcher's application depends on a rigorous system of peer review. Scientists, physicians, and other experienced individuals in biomedical fields from around the world evaluate the merit of proposed research and its potential to advance science. The Office of Extramural Researc at NIH provide the leadership, oversight, tools and guidance needed to administer and manage NIH grants policies and operations.

View the grant here.

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