Sipahi Awarded $100K NSF Grant

MIE Assistant Professor Rifat Sipahi has been awarded a $100K NSF grant to create a portable, low-cost mechatronics based device capable of writing Braille letters for the blind. 

Professor Sipahi received his Mechanical Engineering PhD in 2005 from University of Connecticut. His research interests include stability, stabilization, and control design for systems with multiple delays, encompassing theoretical developments and experimental verifications; multi-disciplinary engineering and medical approach to revealing engineering principles by which non-invasive affordances can be devised to assist people with hand tremors in their daily lives, e.g., for writing and drinking tasks; and control theory application to human machine systems in which biosensors are utilized for affective computing, and to infer mental workload of humans, by which appropriate machine adaptation can be made in real time to enhance the efficacy of human machine interactions.

View the grant abstract here.

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