Ultrasensitive, Miniaturized, and Inexpensive Ion Detection Device

MIE Professor Yung Joon Jung and affiliated Physics Associate Professor Swastik Kar were awarded a patent for “Ion and radiation detection devices based on carbon nanomaterials and two-dimensional nanomaterials.”

Abstract Source: USPTO

Ultrasensitive, miniaturized, and inexpensive ion and ionizing radiation detection devices are provided. The devices include an insulating substrate, metallic contact pads disposed on a surface of the substrate, and a strip of an ultrathin two-dimensional material having a thickness of one or a few atomic layers. The strip is in contact with the contact pads, and a voltage is applied across the two-dimensional sensor material. Individual ions contacting the two-dimensional material alter the current flowing through the material and are detected. The devices can be used in a network of monitors for high energy ions and ionizing radiation.

Related Faculty: Yung Joon Jung, Swastik Kar

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering