Wanunu’s Research Featured on the Cover of The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

COS/BioE Professor Meni Wanunu’s research on “A Marcus-Type Inverted Region in the Translocation Kinetics of a Knotted Protein” was featured on the cover of the November 30, 2023 issue of The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.


Knotted proteins are rare but important species, yet how their complex topologies affect their physical properties is not fully understood. Here we combine single molecule nanopore experiments and all-atom MD simulations to study the electric-field-driven unfolding during the translocation through a model pore of individual protein knots important for methylating tRNA. One of these knots shows an unusual behavior that resembles the behavior of electrons hopping between two potential surfaces: as the electric potential driving the translocation reaction is increased, the rate eventually plateaus or slows back down in the “Marcus inverted regime”. Our results shed light on the influence of topology in knotted proteins on their forced translocation through a pore connecting two electrostatic potential wells.

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