BESS: Black Engineering Student Society

The BESS mission is to form a network for and solidarity among student engineers, building a support system for engineers to ensure that they would stay in the field.

In a means to counter the lack of camaraderie and communication amongst black engineers, BESS was created to bring minority-engineering students together in order for them to share their knowledge and experiences. Letters were sent to all the minority-engineering students whose names and addresses were available. In April of 1975, BESS merged to be one of the chartered chapters of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

BESS hosts social and networking events as well as study sessions. They have a large focus on community outreach

Student Organization Advisor

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Richard Harris
Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion,  Diversity Programs
Director of NU Program in Multicultural Engineering,  NUPRIME
Affiliated Faculty, Department of Africana Studies,  College of Social Sciences & Humanities