NUToys is an on-campus club gone virtual!!! We fix! We design! We build! You can too! Students from all disciplines can obtain hands-on engineering experience through creative and fun activities. These exciting projects focus on repairing, building, and improving toys, which contribute to our long-term goal of designing toys for children in need. Students can work individually and in teams to create and complete projects and proposals reflective of professional environments.

Student Organization Advisor

Andrew Gouldstone
Professor and Associate Chair for Experiential Innovation,  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Biomechanics, material science, engineering mechanics

Marilyn Minus
Marilyn L. Minus
Professor and Chair,  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Process-structure-properties relationships in polymer-based nano-composites fibers; polymer/nano-carbon interfacial interactions and interphase formations; lightweight composite materials; carbon-carbon composites