Siyi Cheng

Assistant Coop Coordinator (Vancouver),  Multidisciplinary Masters Co-op Programs



Siyi lives her passion for bridging student development to human flourishing. She possesses diverse experiences in international higher education and with immigrant engineers in Canada. Siyi provides person-centered support paired with an understanding of co-existing opportunities and conflicts for transnational students. She proudly employs strengths-identifying and capacity-building approaches in her teaching and advising.

Prior to joining Northeastern University in Vancouver, Siyi also served New York University‚Äôs global portal campus in Shanghai, China. Siyi is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Educational Studies, focusing on student development in higher education internationalization and global migration. She received an M.A. in Pacific & Asian Studies and holds two bachelor’s degrees in English and Sociology.

Siyi is bilingual in English and Mandarin and is on her way to mastering French. She is a curious lifelong learner and a clumsy bubbly dancer.