Peter "James" Dennedy-Frank

Assistant Professor,  Marine and Environmental Sciences
Assistant Professor,  Civil and Environmental Engineering



  • 1 MSC
  • 617.373.2426

Research Focus

Ecohydrologic modeling for water resources and conservation


  • PhD, Hydrology, Stanford University, 2018
  • MS, Earth System Science, Stanford University, 2015
  • MS, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006
  • BS, California Institute of Technology, 2003

Research Overview

Ecohydrologic modeling for water resources and conservation

Selected Publications

  • Dennedy-Frank, P. J. and S. M. Gorelick (2020), Insights on Expected Streamflow Response to Land-Cover Restoration. Journal of Hydrology, 589,
  • Dennedy-Frank, P. J. and S. M. Gorelick (2019), Insights from watershed simulations around the world: Watershed service-based restoration does not significantly enhance streamflow. Global Environmental Change, 58,
  • Dennedy-Frank, P. J. (2019), Including the Subsurface in Ecosystem Services. Nature Sustainability, 2(6), 443,
  • Kroeger, T., C. Klemz, T. Boucher, J. R. B. Fisher, E. Acosta, A. T. Cavassani, P. J. Dennedy-Frank, L. Garbossa, E. Blainski, R. C. Santos, S. Giberti, P. Petry, D. Shemie, and K. C. Dacol (2019), Returns on investment in watershed conservation: Application of a best practices analytical framework to the Rio Camboriu Water Producer program, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Science of the Total Environment, 657, 1368-1381,
  • Fisher, J. R. B., E. Acosta, P. J. Dennedy-Frank, T. Kroeger, & T. M. Boucher (2017), Impact of satellite imagery spatial resolution on land use classification accuracy and modeled water quality. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation,
  • Guswa, A.J., P. Hamel, P.J. Dennedy-Frank (2017), Potential effects of landscape change on water supplies in the presence of reservoir storage. Water Resources Research, 53, 2679-2692, doi:10.1002/2016WR019691


Sep 11, 2023

How Academics are Working to Solve America’s Groundwater Crisis

MES/CEE Assistant Professor James Dennedy-Frank is using computer models to research how to better manage groundwater resources in the United States.

James Dennedy-Frank


Aug 17, 2022

New Faculty Spotlight: James Dennedy-Frank

James Dennedy-Frank joins the Civil and Environmental Engineering department in August 2022 as an Assistant Professor with a joint appointment in Marine and Environmental Sciences.

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