Priyanka Jalan

Project Manager,  Graduate School of Engineering


Honors & Awards


Apr 22, 2024

Enabling Engineering Students Design Inexpensive Wheelchair Sensor System

Students in Northeastern’s Enabling Engineering class designed a wheelchair rear-sensor system for a resident at The Boston Home, a care center for individuals with progressive neurological conditions. The system met the resident’s needs at a fraction of the cost of a typical wheelchair sensor system.


Feb 01, 2024

Faculty and Staff Awards 2024

The College of Engineering recognized faculty and staff at the annual faculty and staff awards event and thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication in support of our students, college, and university during the 2023-2024 academic year. View award recipients and photo gallery.


Dec 12, 2023

Enabling Engineering Makes Play Accessible

Paired with external clients, students in Northeastern University’s Enabling Engineering class developed apps and devices this semester to empower individuals with disabilities to participate in activities they enjoy. Examples include a virtual reality app that helps people practice their public speaking skills, and an accessible, switch-activated beanbag launcher for cornhole.

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