Jeffrey Ian Lipton

Assistant Professor,  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


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Research Focus

3D Printing and Robotics


Jeffrey Ian Lipton is an assistant professor in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Northeastern.
Previously he was an assistant professor at the University of Washington in the Mechanical Engineering Department and a founding Director of the Center for Digital Fabrication. He was previously a Post Doctoral Associate at the MIT’s CSAIL in the Distributed Robotics Lab under Daniela Rus. He received his BS in Applied and Engineering Physics and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell. His Ph.D. work was under Hod Lipson in the Creative Machines Lab. His work is currently focused on 3D printing and robotics.

His past work on 3D printed foods and 3D printing for the hospitality industry has influenced two of the largest 3D printing companies in America and garnered media attention from the New York Times, BBC, and others. He was the lead developer for the Fab@Home project which supported life science and food science researchers’ 3D printing needs on all six habitable continents.


  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University, 2015
  • BE, Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University, 2010

Research Overview

3D Printing and Robotics

Selected Publications

  • J. I. Lipton, R. MacCurdy, Z. Manchester, L. Chin, D. Celluci, and D. Rus, “Handedness in
    Shearing Auxetics Creates Rigid and Compliant Structures “, Science 360, 632-635 (2018).
  • J. I. Lipton, A.J.Fay, and D. Rus, “Baxter’s Homunculus: Virtual Reality Spaces for Teleoperation in Manufacturing”, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 179-186, (2017).
  • J. I. Lipton, S. Angle, R. E. Banai, E. Peretz, and H. Lipson, “Electrically Actuated Hydraulic
    Solids”, Advanced Engineering Materials 1527-2648, (2016).
Jeffrey Lipton


Dec 20, 2022

New Faculty Spotlight: Jeffrey Lipton

Jeffrey Lipton joins the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department in January 2023 as an Assistant Professor.

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